On April 6, the second job exhibition of the Vorsino Industrial Park took place in Obninsk. Organized on the initiative of the management company of the largest industrial park in the region and with the support of the Obninsk administration, the exhibition aims to help enterprises in the selection of qualified personnel.

The second job exhibition gathered about 500 applicants from Obninsk, Maloyaroslavets, Kaluga, Balabanovo, Naro-Fominsk, Moscow and other cities and towns. The participants learned detailed information about all open vacancies, salary levels, working conditions and career opportunities. More than 40% of applicants confirmed that they had found a suitable vacancy or were interested in the prospect of employment.
In total, 14 leading resident companies of Vorsino Industrial Park from various fields presented their vacancies at the exhibition: from the chemical industry and metallurgy to construction and the transport and logistics industry. All companies offered decent working conditions and wide career opportunities.
Vitaliya Korableva, Head of the Department for Interaction with Residents of Vorsino Industrial Park, noted: "We organized the second job exhibition taking into account the experience of the first event. It took place last year in Borovsk with the support of the local administration and the district employment center. The result was very successful. We attracted more than 100 applicants, and a number of companies have successfully closed their vacancies. With the help of the second exhibition, we also hope to assist our residents in closing their staffing needs. I think we will succeed — the flow of people is large, we did not expect it and we are very happy about it."
Vorsino management company deals with the employment issue in a fairly active manner. Current offers of resident enterprises are always available on the website of Vorsino Industrial Park. You can also leave a CV there, which will be automatically transferred to the HR services of all companies.




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