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Kaluga special economic zone area

“Kaluga” Special Industrial Economic Zone was created in line with Decree No. 1450 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated December 28, 2012 in Lyudinovo District, Kaluga Region.

Currently, “Kaluga” SEZ consists of two sites: Lyudinovo site and Borovsk site, with total surface of 994,2 ha. Sites are located at 0.1 km distance from Lyudinovo Town in the area of Voylovo Village, Lyudinovo District, Kaluga Region (625 ha)  and in the area of Kozelskoye Village, Borovsk District, Kaluga Region (369,2 ha).

  • Lyudinovo Site is located in the South of the Region. Its specific features provide advantages for development of major and medium industrial companies, enterprises of construction materials, wood processing.
  • Borovsk Site is located in the North of the Region, at the border with New Moscow, close to knowledge-intensive industries, laboratories and engineering centers, and also close to major logistics terminal.


Number of Residents

30 companies have been registered as Kaluga SEZ residents since 2013. They are to invest about RUR 99.5 billion in their projects, approximately 5 200 new jobs are to be created. 

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Kaluga Region is one of the first Russian regions, where regional SEZ expert council was created. It simplified obtaining status of resident and ensured the maximum swift start for investor. Investors with the status of SEZ residents are enjoying tax benefits, customs and administrative preferences; due to them an investor can cut its costs by more than 30%.

More information about  benefits and preferences.


249020, the Kaluga Region, the Borovsk District, Vorsino settlement, Northern industrial zone territory, possession 9

Тел. +7 (4843) 70-50-70


Director General Dmitry Pobryzganov

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