Priority Social and Economic Development Area (PDA) is a territory with a special legal status providing for certain tax benefits and administrative preferences for investors. 

PDA activities are governed by Federal Law on Priority Social and Economic Development Areas in the Russian Federation No. 473-FZ of December 29, 2014 (RUS).

PDA are established to create beneficial preconditions to attract investments, to ensure accelerated social and economic development and to make the life of local population more comfortable.   

 Sosensky (a single industry town) is located in the eastern part of Kozelsk district, KALUGA Region.  

  • PDA area – 412 ha.
  • Distance: 90 km - Kaluga, 165 km – Orel, 185 km – Bryansk.
  • 4 km – distance to a railway branch.
  • 240 km – nearest international airport (Vnukovo)
  • Population – 11,008. Employable population – 6,367.
  • Key production facility: Sosensky Instrument Engineering Plant (a branch of Science and Production Center for Automation and Instrumentation named after Academician N.A.Pilyugin FGUP).

On November 13,  2017 the Government of the Russian Federation issued Decree N. 1370 On Establishment of  Sosensky Priority Social and Economic Development Area. PDA establishment in the entire territory of Sosensky is to become an efficient mechanism to attract investors to the town.  PDA beneficial conditions for business and availability of qualified personnel in the town are to compensate the investors’ costs caused by a greater distance between Sosensky and economically developed northern part of Kaluga Region. 

List of business activities included in the All-Russian Economic Activities’ Classifier (OK 029-2014 (KDES Ver. 2), which are subject to special legal status  for implementation of projects by residents in Sosensky PDA:

  • Manufacturing of food products
  • Manufacturing of textile products
  • Manufacturing of garments
  • Manufacturing of leather and leather products
  • Wood processing, manufacturing of wood and cork products except for furniture, production of straw products
  • Manufacturing of paper and paper products
  • Manufacturing of other non-metal mineral products
  • Metallurgy
  • Manufacturing of finished metal products, except for machinery and equipment
  • Manufacturing of computers, electronic and optical products 
  • Manufacturing of  electric equipment
  • Manufacturing of vehicles, trailers and semitrailers
  • Provision of temporary residence facilities  
  • Provision of food and drinks  
  • Software development, consulting services in this field and other related services  
  • Activities in the field of information technologies

Territories with a special business legal status offer certain tax benefits and administrative preferences to investors.

Lower taxes and reduced insurance payments are guaranteed to PDA residents implementing new investment projects.

For more detailed information please visit PDA residents’ benefits.

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