Yermolino Monotown

Yermolino, Borovsky District, Kaluga Region, was listed as a Category 3 monotown by Russian Government Order No. 42-r dated 01/21/2020.

Town population: 10,120 people
District population: 62,711 people
Distance to Kaluga: 99.8 km
Distance to Moscow Automobile Ring Road: 88.5 km
A108 federal highway runs through the town

Monotown enterprise


Distance to international airports

Sheremetyevo: 123 km (appr. 2.5 hours)
Vnukovo: 72 km (appr. 1 hour)
Domodedovo: 114 km (appr. 2 hours)
Kaluga: 93.4 km (appr. 1 hour)

Preferences for project initiators in monotowns

  1. Subsidy for creating infrastructures.
  2. Concessionary loan for legal entities and sole proprietors for equity investments.

Fund support conditions

Amount: 5 to 1,000 million rubles

Interest rate

– 0% p.a. for loans over 250 million rubles

– 5% p.a. for loans under 250 million rubles

Period: up to 15 years

Participation in the project with Initiator's proprietary funds: at least 20%

Loan deferment: up to 3 years.

Requirements for project and initiator (borrower)

– initiator (borrower): sole proprietor or legal entity, Russian resident
– no overdue tax liabilities
– implementation of the Investment Project shall result in investments and new jobs
– the project shall not depend on the Monotown Enterprise activities.


– Fund's participation in the project shall not exceed 80% of the total cost
– Fund's money shall only be spent for capital investment
– monotown shall have a general partnership development agreement (joint implementation of the integrated project) with the constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

Investment project in a monotown means an investment project implemented in the form of capital investments by a legal entity or sole proprietor on a land consisting of one or more plots within the monotown, as well as on lands adjoining the monotown within an industrial, technological or agro-industrial park, or, if part of the said persons’ production facilities is located outside the monotown, yet is a part of a single production with a common economic result (production of goods, performance of works / services) and meets all of the following requirements:

- the project is not an investment project related to remodeling, re-equipping, modernization and/or further equipping of the Monotown Enterprise
- the annual cost of goods (works, services) acquired from the Monotown Enterprise does not exceed 50% of the annual cost of all goods (works, services) acquired for the implementation of the investment project
- the annual proceeds from selling goods (works, services) of the Monotown Enterprise does not exceed 50% of the annual proceeds from selling goods (works, services) manufactured (performed, rendered) as a result of the implementation of the investment project.


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