Kondrovo PDA

A priority social and economic development area will be created in Kondrovo, Kaluga Region. A relevant order—No. 1895 of 11/21/2020—was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Town population: 14.6 thousand people
Dzerzhinsky District population: 52.8 thousand people
Town's working-age population: 9.04 thousand people
Economically active population: 11.0 thousand people
Distance to Kaluga: 45 km
Distance to Moscow Automobile Ring Road: 165 km
Distance to M3 Ukraine federal highway: 37 km
Regional Kaluga–Medyn highway runs through the town.

Residents of PDA Kondrovo

  • PISCHEPROM LLC — the company implements a project for the cultivation of sturgeon, trout, salads and greens at closed water supply installations.
  • Olkhovsky delikates LLC — plant for meat processing and production of semi-finished meat products.
  • TURKOV PLANT LLC — construction of a plant for the production of industrial refrigeration and ventilation equipment.
  • RUSREGIONBUSINESS LLC — construction and launch of a RAS for trout breeding.
  • GC Imperial LLC — construction of a hotel complex.
  • ATLANT PLANT JSC - Creation of production for the production of a control valve assembly with a container for a filter element in a water treatment system;
  • PSV BAIKAL LLC - Creation of an enterprise for the production of reinforced concrete products for suburban housing construction (DSK);
  • Shiberg Technologies LLC  - Creation of an enterprise for the production of ventilation grilles and accessories to them;
  • DSK BAUHAUS LLC - Creation of an enterprise for the production of reinforced concrete products for suburban housing construction (DSK);


Monotown enterprises

  • Troitskaya Paper Mill, PJSC
  • Kondrovo Paper Company, LLC
  • Firma Vesta, LLC
  • Kondrovo branch of GeoPAK, LLC.

Distance to international airports

  • Sheremetyevo: 230 km (3 hours 20 min.)
  • Domodedovo: 200 km (2 hours 50 min.)
  • Vnukovo: 160 km (2 hours 20 min.)
  • Kaluga: 50 km (50 min.)


List of business activities, which ARE NOT SUBJECT to special legal status for business activities in Kondrovo PDA.

All types of businesses included in:

  1. subcategory Forest Harvesting
  2. category Oil and Natural Gas Extraction
  3. subcategory Providing Services of Oil and Natural Gas Extraction
  4. category Beverage Production with the exception of the group Production of Non-Alcoholic Beverages; Production of Mineral Waters and Other Bottled Waters
  5. category Production of Tobacco Products
  6. category Production of Paper and Paper Products
  7. group Production of Petroleum Products
  8. category Wholesale Trade, Retail Trade in, and Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles
  9. category Wholesale Trade except for Wholesale Trade in Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles
  10. category Retail Trade except for Trade in Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles
  11. category Land Pipeline Transport Activity
  12. category Water Transport Activity
  13. category Air and Space Transport Activity
  14. category Provision of Financial Services except for Insurance and Pension Services
  15. category Insurance, Reinsurance, Activity of Non-Governmental Pension Funds except for Mandatory Social Security
  16. category Auxiliary Activity Related to Financial Services and Insurance
  17. category Operations with Immovable Property
  18. category Rent and Leasing
  19. category Activity of Governmental Authorities Related to Military Security, Mandatory Social Security
  20. category Organizing and Running Gambling Games except for Wagers, Organizing and Running Lotteries
  21. category Activity of Non-Governmental Organizations
  22. category Activity of Households with Hired Employees
  23. category Undifferentiated Activity of Private Households Related to Manufacturing of Goods and Providing Services for Own Consumption
  24. category Activity of Exterritorial Organizations and Bodies.

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