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Vorsino Industrial Park


Industrial Park Description


Logistics Infrastructure


Terms of accommodation

Industrial Park Description

Project initiator: Government of Kaluga Region represented by the regional Ministry of Economic Development

Project purpose: accommodation of enterprises from various industrial segments

Location: North-East of the region, Borovsk district, on the border of Kaluga Region and New Moscow, 95 km from Kaluga

Land category: industrial

Assigned Industrial Park status on April 1, 2008

Total area – 1 610.6 hectares

Allocated to investors – 1 145.9 hectares

Vacant for investors – 318.1 hectares

Reserved for utility lines – 139.3 hectares


The industrial park currently accommodates 48 investment projects.

26 plants have been commissioned:

Logistics Infrastructure

Freight Village Ru has two multimodal transport and logistics centers in Kaluga Region: federal center Freight Village Vorsino (FV Vorsino) and interregional center Freight Village Rosva (FV Rosva).

Freight Village Vorsino is a major multimodal logistics center providing comprehensive transport, expediting and maintenance services that occupies 600 hectares within Vorsino Industrial Park that is located in Borovsk District of Kaluga Region along the M3 Moscow-Kiev highway, 67 km from the Moscow Ring Road and 20 km from the border with New Moscow. FV Vorsino combines three types of transport – motor, rail and air (Yermolino airfield) – within a signal multimodal terminal. The railway terminal is capable of transshipping of 500,000 TEU of cargo per year. The infrastructure includes B+ office facilities for employees of the Russian Federal Customs Service and customs brokers, a temporary storage warehouse, and outdoor area for vehicle inspection, a container terminal and a terminal for heavy duty vehicles.

Vorsino Industrial Park is located in immediate proximity to Yermolino afield. On 28.12.2012, Yermolino airfield became a dual purpose facility: a military and civilian one. This led to the launch of the Yermolino International Airport project that assumes construction of 40 aircraft parking spaces and an airport terminal with the capacity to serve 2,400 passengers per hour.

The size of the runway is 3,000 m х 60 m.

According to the project, the airport will comply with II category ICAO standards.

Commissioning is scheduled for 2017.

Implementation of the project will create more than 3,500 jobs.

Yermolino airport will be actively used for cargo transportation, opening the potential for construction of a cargo terminal for express delivery logistics operators on FVK lots adjacent to the airport.

The estimated number of passengers is 8 million per year.


Terms of accommodation

If you are interested in placement of a production facility at an investment site, please fill in the online application form.


Vorsino Industrial Park LLC

7 Molodyozhnaya Str., Vorsino, Borovsk District, Kaluga Region 249020

Office address: 16A, 3 floor, Kaluzhskaya Str., Obninsk, Kaluga Region
Tel./Fax: +7 (484) 394-55-88

Email: contact.indpark@gmail.com


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