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Vorsino Industrial Park

Project initiator: Government of Kaluga Region represented by the regional Ministry of Economic Development.
Project purpose: accommodation of enterprises from various industrial segments.
Location: North-East of the region, Borovsk district, on the border of Kaluga Region and New Moscow, 95 km from Kaluga.
Land category: industrial
Industrial Park status was assigned on October 16, 2006

Total area – 1 497 hectares
Vacant for investors – 64 hectares




  • 6 km from Obninsk
  • 20 km from New Moscow
  • 75 km from center of Moscow
  • 95 km from Kaluga
  • 0 km from M3 Moscow-Kiev highway (location along the highway)
  • 15 km – A-101 Moscow-Warsaw highway
  • 40 km – A-1 Moscow-Minsk highway
  • 2 km – Yermolino airport (under construction)
  • 60 km – Vnukovo International Airport
  • 95 km – Kaluga International Airport
  • 90 km – Southern river port, the Moscow river
  • 10 km from Obninskoye railroad station.


One Belt and One Road project makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of cargo shipping and half cargo delivery timelines.  

As of today, 66,357 containers / 1,021 trains have been delivered to Vorsino from China.

As of today, dedicated train routes, Freight Village Vorsino includes the following points for import and export shipments:


Zabaykalsk: Dalian (PRC), Shilong (PRC), Yingkou (PRC), Suzhou (PRC), Guangzhou (PRC).
Naushki: Chengdu (PRC), Tianjin (PRC).
Nakhodka: China (sea transport).
Dostyk: Ürümqi (PRC),

Other collecting points: Riga (Latvia); Brest (Belarus), Ust-Luga; Saint Petersburg.


Zabaykalsk: Chengdu (PRC), Hanoi (Vietnam).
The customs terminal is located on the western site of the park. The railroad terminal is capable of transshipping of 500,000 TEU of cargo per year.



Businesses of various industries already operating:  

  • Nestle Russia, LLC — manufacturer of pet food. Success Story of the company;
  • Samsung Electronics Rus Kaluga, LLC (South Korea) – manufacturer of consumer electronics. Success Story of the company;
  • KT&G Rus, LLC — tobacco factory. Success Story of the company;
  • L’Oreal, JSC — manufacturer of cosmetic products. Success Story of the company;
  • Oddyseyirom, LLC — manufacturer of furniture and tabletops from natural stone, plastic and solid fine wood.
  • Vintrastkom, JSC — manufacturer of PVC panels for interior decoration
  • PO Metallist, LLC — manufacturer of gutter and fencing systems from metal rod and profile
  • NLMK Kaluga, LLC — manufacturer of steel and steel products for constructional application. Success Story of the company;
  • Linde Gas Rus, JSC — manufacturer of technical, food freezing and specialty gases 
  • ICM Glass Kaluga, LLC — manufacturer of foam glass gravel for construction application
  • Mahle Rus, LLC — industrial warehouse complex (engine pistons and components, filtration systems, valve drive systems for the automotive industry)
  • Omega Lease Kaluga, LLC — a logistics warehouse for concrete manufacture and construction base
  • AstraZeneca Industries, LLC — manufacturer of innovative medical products for treatment of neurological, cardiological and oncological diseases. Success Story of the company;
  • Triada Impeks, JSC — manufacturer of cement and polymer based specialty mixtures for repair, restoration, hydro isolation and tamping 
  • D.A. Rus, LLC (Korea) — production of rubber and plastic products by pressure casting
  • LAMINAM RUS, LLC — manufacturer of ultra-thin ceramic tiles
  • Techmashimpex, JSC — production of plastic products
  • Stroitelny Mir, LLC — production and storage base for storage of construction materials and tools
  • AEROLIFE, LLC — manufacturing of photocatalytic air cleaners
  • ORAK, LLC — production of innovative decorative synthetic moldings and ornaments
  • Greif Vologda, LLC — manufacturing and sales of industrial packing, including steel drums and IBC containers
  • Staromikhailovsky RPK, LLC — manufacturing of fish products
  • Sphera-Pharm, LLC — manufacturing of medical intravenous solutions
  • Center-Trade, LLC — manufacturing of welded, pressed gratings, and perforated sheets under the trademark
  • Arkhbum Tissue Group, LLC — manufacturing of cardboard, market pulp, paper, and stationary products
  • B-Pharm Production, LLC — manufacturing of pharmaceuticals
  • K2C, LLC — manufacturing of paints, varnishes and similar coating materials
  • Centos Central Logistics RUS, LLC — the logistics center rents production facilities from Omega Liz-Kaluga, LLC
  • ELA Container Ru, LLC — manufacturing of container-based mobile buildings
  • Part Inn, LLC — a 3* hotel for 150 beds
  • Gabriel-Chemi Rus-2, LLC (branch) — manufacturing of color masterbatches and additive masterbatches
  • HYPERLINE, LLC — the project is to be implemented in two stages (Stage 1 — manufacturing of server and electric equipment cabinets, Stage 2 — plant for manufacturing of vacuum panels)
  • Plastway, LLC — manufacturing of plastic products
  • K-Plast/Berke Plastik, LLC — manufacturing of polyplastic products (pipes, fittings)
  • AMK-Troya Kaluga, LLC — manufacturing of countertops, facades, and wall panels
  • AKPLAST, LLC — manufacturing of PVC panels
  • Pharm Aid, OOO (Singapore) – the project for construction of a plant for manufacture of vaccines against dangerous infections (biopharmaceutical complex).


  • Electricity: all sites of the Industrial Park have power centers and distribution stations, which makes it possible to provide a steady 240 MW power supply to all existing and future investors
  • Natural gas: as of today, all sites of the Industrial Park are fully supplied with natural gas. A high-pressure gas pipeline has been constructed.
  • Water and sanitation: a 4,000 c.m per day water-intake facility was commissioned in 2012. Water supply and sewage networks have been constructed. A 4,000 c.m per day biological treatment plant opening ceremony was held on September 9, 2015. Water supply network has been commissioned
  • Motor roads: 24 km of category 4 motor roads have been built
  • Communication: telephone and high-speed Internet connection on the entire territory. A selection of telecommunication providers.

    Labor recourses:
  • 50,000 potential workers live within 50 km
  • Obninsk — 6 km, population 106,000
  • Balabanovo — 6 km, population 25,000
  • Naro-Fominsk — 20 km, population 63,000

    A highly developed infrastructure. Staff living facilities within 2 km from the park, a hotel 10 km away; a 3-star hotel for 150 rooms is being constructed in the park's territory; diners, cafes, conference halls, business areas are located in the territory. 

Logistics infrastructure

Freight Village Ru includes two multi-modular transport-and-logistics centers for Kaluga Region: a federal center Freight Village Vorsino (FV Vorsino) and trans-regional center Freight Village Rosva (FV Rosva). 

Freight Village Vorsino 
Freight Village Vorsino is a multi-modal transport-and-logistics center, which occupies 570 hectares on the territory of Vorsino Industrial Park. FV Vorsino is a combination of several transport modes — motor, railroad and (in the future), air (Yermolino air field).

The infrastructure includes B+ category administrative facilities to accommodate Russian Federal Tax Service employees and customs brokers, indoor and open-air areas for temporary storage, container terminal (reach-stacker and crane techniques) with a railroad infrastructure, and a parking lot for heavy haul vehicles.

As of today, the FV Vorsino project:

  • is a backbone terminal for taking cargo traffic out of Moscow
  • has been listed as an international dry port as a part of UNESCAP Inter-Government Agreement «On Dry Ports»
  • has been listed as an important facility for international combined transport as part of the OSJD Agreement on Organizational and Operational Aspects of Combined Transport in the Communication between Europe and Asia
  • has been listed as an important terminal for international combined transport (EAIICT) UNECE
  • has been included in the TLC Master Plan as part of the Federal Project Transport-and-Logistics Centers
  • has been listed as a systemic company (Session Minutes 9kv of 04/24/2020 of Government Commission for Raising Sustainability of Development of Russian Economy)

Terms of accommodation

  • compensation-based
  • utilities included in price of lot

If you are interested in placement of a production facility at an investment site, please fill in the on-line application form

Contact person — Ekaterina S. Gaponova, Head of Investors Support Department:
Tel: +7 (915) 892-22-02
e-mail: kg@arrko.ru



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