Obninsk Industrial Park

Industrial Park Description
Terms of accommodation

Industrial Park Description

Project initiator: Government of Kaluga Region represented by the regional Ministry of Economic Development
Project purpose: accommodation of enterprises from the pharmaceutical and food industries
Location: north part of Kaluga Region, within city limits of Obninsk, 90 km from the Moscow Ring Road
Land category: residential
Assigned Industrial Park status on August 21, 2013
Total area – 54 hectares
Vacant for investors – 7 hectares


The industrial park currently accommodates 5 investment projects.

3 companies operating:

  • Lotte KF Rus LLC (South Korea) – manufacturer of confectionary products (ChocoPie glazed layered cookies, Pepero sticks, DreamCake and Cancho prepacked cookies, Fitness crackers, etc.). Commissioned on 13.09.2010. Lot area – 13.4 hectares.
    Success Story of the company
  • NEARMEDIC PHARMA LLC (Russia) – Kagocel manufacturing pharmaceutical plant, synthesis of innovative substances, processing of collagen. Lot area - 5 hectares.

    ​December 24, 2014 (registered by the Administration on 09.02.2015) – signing of a cooperation agreement on the construction of an extension for the NEARMEDIC PHARMA LLC pharmaceutical plant. Investment project completion date - III quarter of 2019. 

    June 5, 2015 – GC NEARMEDIC opening ceremony. Plant capacity – up to 100 million packages of medical products per year. The new plant complies with GMP, ISO and FDA standards. Plant area – 22,000 sq.m. The company is unique for accommodating the whole production cycle – from synthesis of primary components to manufacturing of finished products – within a single facility. All manufactured products are the company’s original development.
  • PALLADIO OBNINSK LLC (Italy) – plant for manufacturing of packaging for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Commissioned on 08.06.2017. Lot area – 2 hectares.



  • Power supply: The industrial park’s feed center is SS Malnino (15MW).
  • Gas supply: The park has a gas supply network.
  • Water and sanitation: The park has adequate water supply and sewage networks.
  • Storm water drainage: Built individually for each resident.
  • Road: Access road to NEARMEDIC PHARMA LLC
  • Communications: Telephone communications and high speed Internet throughout the park.

Terms of accommodation

  • compensation-based
  • utilities included in price of lot

If you are interested in placement of a production facility at an investment site, please fill in the online application form

Contact person — Ekaterina S. Gaponova, Head of Investors Support Department:
Tel: +7 (915) 892-22-02
e-mail: kg@arrko.ru



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