Meshchovsky Centrolit Industrial Park

Industrial Park Description



Name of the managing company: Limited Liability Company "Factory precision casting of Meshchovsk"
Address: Kaluga Region, Meshchovsk district, near the settlements railway station Kudrinskaya, village Kostinka, village Basovo, village Devochkino, village Slobodka, with the permitted use - for industrial production.
Legal purpose of land: industrial lands
Form of land ownership: private
Total area – 58 hectares
Vacant for investors – 38 hectares


Factory precision casting of Meshchovsk LLC is a precision casting plant engaged in manufacturing of manganese cast products for crushing and size reduction equipment, as well as  mine machinery. The company also produces bricks and paving slabs.
Factory precision casting of Meshchovsk sticks to high environmental standards. It operates a casting process enabling highly efficient application of used sand and slag for construction materials’ production. 

  • Automobile casting production 
  • Model production.Production of pattern equipment for foundries. 
  • Collection, acceptance, processing of scrap metal
  • Production of liquid glass 
  • Production of cinder blocks, paving tiles, building mortar
  • Greenhouse
  • Casting equipment maintenance center
  • A training center of casting industry personnel, including automated lines and rod machines operators,  melters


  • The nearest highway: Highway M-3 «Ukraine», 6 km
  • The Kudrinskaya railway station, 2 km  
  • About 75 km to the Oka
  • The nearest international airport: International Airport  «Kaluga» (88 km), International Airport  «Vnukovo» (220 km)
  • The nearest seaport: OJSC Seaport St. Petersburg, 900 km
  • Gas. Availability of gas: 7 250 m3 per hour (projected capacity), available for use —0
  • Electricity: total —60 MW, available for use —15 MW

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Contact person — Ekaterina S. Gaponova, Head of Investors Support Department:
Tel: +7 (915) 892-22-02




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