K-Agro Industrial Park

Industrial Park Description



Name of the managing company: Agroindustrial park K-Agro OOO
Address: Agroindustrial park K-Agro OOO
Legal purpose of land: farmlands, residential areas, industrial lands.
Form of land ownership: private
The nearest highway:  The federal highway M3 and A108 are within the borders of the industrial park, M3 - border crossing 91 km. 0 km - М3, 0 km - А108, 17 km - А101(130), 39 km - М1
Railroad station: Freight Village Vorsino is situated near the park
The nearest international airport: International airport «Vnukovo» - 65 km.
The nearest customs checkpoint: Obninsk customs post, Kaluga region, Borovsky District,. Vorsino, North Industrial Zone, bld. 6, 8 km
Total area – 2409,8 hectares
Vacant for investors – 508,9 hectares


  • Techleor LLC – creation of Center for development and implementation of electron beam processing.

    3 enterprises are at the implementation stage:

  • Agroimpex-Trade LLC – construction of chocolate and coffee factory,

  • Staromihailovskiy RPK, LLC – construction of fish processing plant,

  • La Loren Rus, LLC  - construction of the enterprise for production of bakery products.


  • Gas. Availability of gas: 20 000 m3 per hour, available for use — 20 000 m3
  • Electricity:  total —24 MW, available for use —24 MW
  • Water supply: total — 3 000 m3 per day, available for use —3 000 m3 per day


If you are interested in placement of a production facility at an investment site, please fill in the online application form.

Contact person — Ekaterina S. Gaponova, Head of Investors Support Department:
Tel: +7 (915) 892-22-02
e-mail: kg@arrko.ru



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