Vorotynsk Industrial Park

Industrial Park Description


Industrial Park Description

Name of the managing company: I Vorotynsk Industrial Park
Address: Kharskoe village, Babynino district, Kaluga Region
Main residents company: Rani Plast Kaluga
Legal purpose of land: residential area, permitted use – industrial and warehouse objects construction
Form of land ownership: YIT ownership
The nearest highway: М3, 5 km
The nearest international airport: International airport «Kaluga» - 40 km, International airport «Vnukovo» - 160 km
Total area – 134 hectares
Vacant for investors – 122 hectares


  • Rani Plast Kaluga LLC – packaging film plant. Commissioning took place in September 2012.


  • Gas. Availability of gas (metes cubed annually): on demand, along the border of the industrial site
  • Electricity: available for use —14MW along the border of the industrial site
  • Water supply, water discharge: available for use — 3450 m3/day, at the border of the offered site
  • Telephone network — 16 fiber optic cable, copper cable, at the boundary of the offered land plot
  • Internet access  — connection to the client's server room, currently Rostelecom, but could be others 

Customs clearance point nearby — 8 km from the site.

Local nearby settlements like Vorotinsk (12.000 inhabitants), Babynino (5.000 inhabitants) and Rosva (3.000 inhabitants) can play important role to find necessary labour force for a stable work of enterprise. Company "Rani Plast" (existing resident of industrial park) is working in 3 shifts now. They easily hired their entire crew from Vorotinsk. Local people are motivated to work close to their home.   

If you are interested in placement of a production facility at an investment site, please fill in the online application form.

Contact person — Ekaterina S. Gaponova, Head of Investors Support Department:
Tel: +7 (915) 892-22-02
e-mail: kg@arrko.ru


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