Consent to the processing of personal data website user’s information protection guidelines
April 27, 2017

1. General
1.1. These Guidelines are an official document of the Kaluga Regional State Autonomous Agency for Regional Development of the Kaluga Region (hereinafter referred to as GAU ARRKO) located at: 41 Dzerzhinskogo St. bldg.2, Kaluga, 248001 (hereinafter referred to as the Website Administration), which define the procedure of processing and protecting information about individuals who use the services provided by the website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) and its facilities (hereinafter referred to as the Users).
1.2. The purpose of these Guidelines is to ensure adequate protection of information about users, in particular, personal data thereof, from unauthorized access and disclosure.
1.3. Relations, arising out of or in connection with the Website user information acquisition, storage, dissemination and protection, shall be governed by these Guidelines, other official documents of the Website Administration and applicable Russian laws.
1.4. Current edition of these Guidelines, being a public document, is available to any Internet user. The Website Administration may amend these Guidelines. While amending these Guidelines, the Website Administration shall notify users thereof by posting a new version of the Guidelines on the Website at the permanent address:
1.5. By using the Website, the User shall agree with the terms and conditions of these Guidelines.
1.6. If the User disagrees with the terms and conditions of these Guidelines, the User shall immediately terminate the use of this Website and its services.
2. Website use terms and conditions
2.1. By providing services for the use of the Website and its facilities (hereinafter referred to as the Website Services), the Website Administration, acting reasonably and in good faith, believes that the User: 
• Has all necessary rights, enabling the User to be registered and to use this Website;
• Indicates reliable information about himself in the scope required for the use of the Website Services;
• Understands that the information, posted by the User about himself on the Website, may be made available to other Website Users and Internet users, may be copied and distributed by the users;
• Realizes that certain types of information, transferred to other users by the User, can not be deleted by the User himself; 
• Has got acquainted with these Guidelines, expresses his consent with these Guidelines, and assumes the rights and obligations indicated therein.
2.2. Website Administration shall not verify the accuracy of data received (acquired) about users, unless this verification is required for the Website Administration to fulfill its obligations to the User.
3. Data processing objectives
3.1. Website Administration processes personal data of the Users in order to fulfill the Website Administration obligations to the Users regarding the use of the Website and its services.
4. Scope of the User’s information
4.1. User’s personal data
User’s personal data includes:
4.1.1. Details, provided by the Users, which are minimally required for using a feedback form on the Website: name, surname, mobile phone number (or fixed-line phone number);
5. User’s information processing
5.1. Personal data will be processed based on the following principles:
a) Legitimacy of the personal data processing purposes and methods;
b) Good faith;
c) Consistency of the personal data processing purposes with the objectives, which were pre-determined and stated during personal data acquisition, as well as with the Website Administration authorities;
d) Consistency of the scope and nature of processed personal data and personal data processing methods with the personal data processing objectives;
e) Inadmissibility of combining personal data bases created for incompatible purposes.
5.2. Personal data processing terms and objectives
Website Administration processes user’s personal data in order to perform the agreement between the Website Administration and the User for providing the services. By virtue of Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data”, Article 6, dated 27 July 2006, the individual consent of the user to the processing of his personal data is not required. By virtue of Article 22, Clause 2, Item 2 of this Law, the Website Administration may process personal data without notifying an authorized body for protecting the rights of personal data subjects.
5.3. Personal data acquisition
User’s personal data will be acquired on the Website when the User specifies personal data in the feedback form, using the Website’s tools. Personal data, stated in Item 4.1.1 of these Guidelines, shall be provided by the User as minimally required information.
5.4. Personal data storage and use
Users’ personal data will be stored exclusively in electronic media and processed using automated systems, unless the manual personal data processing is required to implement legal requirements. The personal data storage time will be established in accordance with applicable laws.
5.5. Personal data transfer
a) User’s personal data shall not be transferred to any third parties, unless explicitly provided for by applicable laws.
b) User’s personal data shall be provided in accordance with the procedure, prescribed by the law, at a request of the state bodies (local governments).
c) To execute the agreement between the User and the Website Administration and to provide User access to the Website tools, the Website Administration shall develop services and products to be provided as well as develop and introduce new services and products, optimize the quality of services and products, and improve available tools of the Website and services. To fulfill these goals, the User shall agree that the Website Administration, while observing the applicable laws, acquires, stores, accumulates, systematizes, extracts, compares, uses, updates (clarifies) user data, as well as receives and transfers the results of automated data processing, using different information evaluation models, in the form of integer and/or text values ​​and identifiers, corresponding to the evaluation criteria specified in inquiries, to the affiliated parties and partners, for data processing by the Website Administration and/or persons specified in this Item.
5.6. Personal data destruction.

User’s personal data shall be destroyed in the following cases: 
a) Website Administration deletes User’s personal data when the objective of personal data processing is reached, within the timeframe established by applicable laws;
b) Website Administration deletes User’s personal data when the User has revoked his consent to the personal data processing, within the timeframe established by applicable laws.
6. Rights and obligations of the users
Users may: 
6.1. Request the Website Administration to update, block or destroy user’s personal data.
6.2. Upon a request, receive the information, related to the user’s personal data processing, from the Website Administration.
7. User’s information protection
7.1. Website Administration shall take technical, organizational and legal measures to protect User’s personal data from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution and other illegal actions.
8. User’s requests
8.1. Users may send to the Website Administration their requests, in particular, requests regarding the use of their personal data, either in writing to the following address: 41 Dzerzhinskogo St., bldg. 2, Kaluga, Russia, 248001, or as an electronic document signed by a qualified electronic signature in accordance with the Russian laws, via e-mail to:
8.2. Website Administration shall review and respond to the user’s request within 30 days from the date of receipt of the request.
8.3. All correspondence, received by the Website Administration from users (written or electronic requests), will be treated as limited access information and will not be disclosed without a written consent of the User. Personal data and other information about the User, who sent the request, can not be used without express consent of the User in any other way except for responding to the subject of the request received, or in cases explicitly set forth in the law.


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