Freight Village Rosva

Freight Village Rosva - a transport and logistics center of inter-regional scale was established and operates in order to optimize logistics operations for residents of Grabtsevo, Rosva, Kaluga-Yug industrial parks and also to serve other participants of foreign trade activities. It has surface of 64 ha at the territory of Rosva industrial park, at 18 km from Kaluga and at 180 km from Moscow Ring Road. 


Rail terminal, total surface of about 7.5 ha:

  • Railway dedicated freight yard, 13, 000 m long (7 dead-end tracks, from 850 m through 1,050 m long).
  • Serviced by own TEM-2 locomotive. PSMA Company is the main client of rail terminal.
  • Vorotynsk railway station, open for 3, 4, 8Н, 10Н cargo options (operations with rail cars, open-box cars, universal 20/40-foot containers at the dedicated sidings).

Container terminal adjacent to railway yard, 3 ha surface:

  • Customs control area and bonded warehouse.
  • Terminal capacity at maximum load – up to 150,000 TEU per year.
  • One-time storage capacity – up to 6000 TEU.
  • Cargo handling equipment – Sisu reachstackers.

Customs terminal

The following facilities are available:

  • Customs station, 1 category, Kaluzhsky, Kaluga Customs Authority.
  • Customs station, Kaluzhsky, Central Excise Customs Authority.
  • Bonded warehouse, Kaluga Customs Authority.
  • Bonded warehouse, Central Excise Customs Authority.
  • Administrative building, 1,500 m2.

Truck terminal (surface about 10 ha) is equipped with special cargo handling equipment, weighting equipment, radioactivity control system, X-ray inspection scanner.

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