There are over 10 major trade and entertainment centers (malls) in Kaluga and Kaluga Region, including some large supermarkets.

Torgovyi Kvartal Trade Center. 9 Nebesnaya St., Kaluga
This mall offers a great variety of different goods and services: clothing, footwear, cosmetics, fragrances, accessories, jewelry, children and sporting goods. There are also restaurants and cafes, as well as an entertainment area in the trade center. A guarded parking lot (2,000 cars) is located nearby.

M-Grand Trade Center. 15 Kirova St., Kaluga
The trade center is located in downtown Kaluga. 3 floors of fashionable clothes of Russian and foreign brands are available for shoppers.   


XXI Century Trade Center. 1 Kirova St., Kaluga
Guests may choose to visit 2 Cinema Star halls, a sushi bar, a pizzeria or  McDonald's. XXI Century stores are open daily from 10:00 to 21:00. Cinema goers may also watch a movie at night.


Evropeyskiy Trade Center. 39 Kirova St., Kaluga
The newly opened Evropeyskiy Trade and Office Center has  quickly become very popular. In addition to clothing, footwear, fragrances and accessories, Evropeyskiy offers home appliances in the Eldorado store (ground floor). Visitors may enjoy Italian pizza at Fantozzi (3rd floor) or spend a pleasant evening in Krylya Grill Bar on the fourth floor.


Rio Trade Center. 19 Kirova St., Kaluga
Rio mall is an entertainment and trade center for the whole family located in Kaluga. There are numerous boutiques of Russian and foreign fashion brands in its trade zone. They offer a wide variety of clothing for children and grownups.


Moskovskiy Trade Center. 3 Glagoleva St., Kaluga
Moskovsliy mall consists of 6 floors of trade and office premises, and has a two-level underground parking  lot. The mall facilities include a trade gallery, a modern movie theatre, a food court, sports goods supermarket, home appliances and electronics hyper market, a playroom for children, and much more.

Kaluga Trade Center. 46 Kirova St., Kaluga
This mall is located in the central street of Kaluga. Its clothing, footwear, fragrances and accessories stores are open daily from 10.00 to 20.00.


Kaluzhskiy Trade Center. 24 Kirova St., Kaluga
This mall offers a wide variety of clothing. Rostik's KFC fast food restaurant is located on the first floor.


City Trade Center. 48/8 Plekhanova St., Kaluga
City mall offers household goods and much more to its visitors.



Linia Hypermarket, 254 Moskovskaya St., Kaluga
Linia is a cash & carry store offering a wide variety of goods at low prices. It has its own facilities for meat and fish processing, a bakery, cooking and confectionery shops.


METRO - Kaluga Trade Center (METRO Cash&Carry), 51 Tulskoe Shosse
The total trade area of the center is 7,500 sq. m. Free parking, lockers, delivery, ATMs, and credits.



12 Mesyatsev Trade Center. 114 Marx Ave., Obninsk
One of the largest shopping centers in Obninsk city. Furniture gallery, shoes, clothes, accessories and food are offered for the attention of buyers.


Kameya Trade Center. 56 Marx Ave., Obninsk
Food stores, clothing and footwear shops, flower shops and much more.



Kapitoliya Trade Center. 17 Aksenova St., Obninsk
Kapitoliya offers a wide variety of household goods, glassware and home care products at reasonable prices.


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