This section includes a list of healthcare facilities that provide medical services not only to residents of Kaluga and Kaluga Region, but also to foreign employees of investment companies (excerpt from the list of Kaluga Region’s healthcare facilities).

Elite Medical Center offers a wide range of medical services.  Doctors and candidates of medicine, top category medical specialists conduct high quality professional individual medical examinations, diagnose and promptly begin treatment of virtually any disease.

129 Pole Svobody St., Kaluga; +7(4842) 76-25-28, fax +7(4842) 76-25-29, mobile +7-960-516-33-66
Business hours: 8.00 – 20.00 except Sunday, by preliminary appointment and subject to advance payment only.


Modern multidisciplinary medical center offering a wide range of medical services (over 400)‚ including diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.

Bldg.8, 20 Grabtsevskoye Highway, Kaluga  +7(4842)211-400; +7(4842)75-50-75;
mobile: +7(980)513-60-78, Tel./fax: +7(4842)211-411, switchboard:+7(4842)211-422
Business hours: Monday - Friday: 8.00 - 20.00, Saturday, Sunday: 9.00 - 17.00


Qualified medical specialists (more than 20 specializations) of the first and top category. Modern medical equipment. Individual approach to patients. Medical services and house calls. Temporary disability and other types of certificates. High quality of medical aid and high level of services.

41 Nikitina St., Kaluga, +7(4842)54-04-94; 54-36-16, mobile: +7-953-464-81-21
Business hours: Monday - Friday: 8.00—20.00, Saturday, Sunday: 8.00—14.00


The majority of patients applying to the clinic with chronic pain have diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, neurologic profile pathologies, vascular pains and visceral pain syndromes.

st. Bolotnikova, building 23​, tel./fax: +7(4842) 546-266;  mobile: +7 915 890 15 15
Administration е-mail:
Registry е-mail:
Business hours: Monday - Friday:  9:00—21:00, Saturday: 9:00—16:00, Sunday: closed


Doctor Vera multidisciplinary medical center for adults and children – Doctor Vera ООО. Doctor Vera Clinic is a multidisciplinary medical center offering a range of diagnostic, treatment, surgical, gynecological, urological and other services in 20 medical specializations.

15 Pestelia St., Kaluga, +7(4842)54-18-08, 8-910-548-72-69, tel./fax +7(4842) 79-42-47;
mobile: +7 910-548-72-69
Business hours: Monday - Friday:  8.00—20.00, Saturday: 8.00—16.00, Sunday: closed


Clinical base of the Laser Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation. Patients can pass a medical examination, get outpatient medical assistance or request a house call from a medical specialist. Highly qualified specialists – doctors, candidates of medicine, top category physicians thoroughly diagnose and select individual methods of treatment for each patient. The clinic performs over 2,000 tests, and offers ultrasound, ECG, respiratory function, x-ray, fibrogastroduodenoscopy, and expanded video colposcopy screening.

47 Proletarskaya St., Kaluga, +7(4842)76-23-77; mobile: +7 910-590-25-22
Business hours: Monday - Friday: 8.00—20.00, Saturday: 11.00—13.00, Sunday: closed


This hospital employs more than 88 specialists that consult up to 70,000 patients per year. 13 clinical departments, including departments of urology, gynecology, infections, therapy and surgery. The hospital performs more than a thousand surgeries per month.  

3 Oktyabrskaya St., Kaluga, +7(4842) 74-40-91, fax: +7(4842) 74-40-91


Courteous treatment by personnel and the high professional level of the salon’s specialists have over the years been attracting loyal patients who recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. For several years, the salon has been successfully cooperating with leading insurance companies providing patient services covered by optional medical insurance. Good work is impossible without professionals, without a well-knit team. The salon is proud of its doctors, assistants, dental technicians and administrators.

17 Voskresenskiy Lane, Tel.: +7 (4842) 565-065
Business hours: Monday – Saturday: 8.00 - 21.00, Sunday – closed


The Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery clinic is successfully solving the issue of access to high-tech specialized ophthalmological assistance nationwide. The clinic has virtually limitless possibilities for treatment of all types of eye diseases. The surgical bloc and diagnostics department are equipped by leading global manufacturers. Effective treatment is based on the most advanced technologies that minimize the percentage of complications. After completion of treatment, its quality is monitored by a dedicated structure – the treatment control department. Apart from surgical interventions, the clinic applies unique conservative methods of treatment based on energy impact of light, magnetic and electric fields.

5 Svyatoslava Fyodorova St., Kaluga, Tel.: +7(4842) 72-62-52; +7(4842)505-705, +7(4842) 506-998
Business hours: Monday – Thursday: 8.30 - 17.12, Lunch break: 12.30 - 13.00, Friday: 8.30 - 16.00, Saturday, Sunday - closed

By preliminary appointment only
Appointments can be scheduled through the information line: (4842) 72-62-52, 505-705 (Kaluga and Kaluga Region)
Appointments for patients from other cities: +7(4842) 506-998
You can also use the online appointment form

Treatment and diagnostics stations:

Clinic No.5 – 4 Komatova St., Kaluga; tel. (4842) 72-44-50
Clinic No.4 – 43B Grabtsevskoye Highway, Kaluga; tel. (4842) 53-74-71
Clinic No.4 – 84 Nikitina St., Kaluga; tel. (4842) 54-24-71
Clinic No.10 – 22 Marshall Zhukov St., Kaluga; tel. (4842) 79-52-32
Clinic No.6 – 16 block A, Guryanova St., Kaluga; tel. (4842) 22-15-30;

188 Lenina Ave., Obninsk; tel. +7(48439)2-02-07

Kaluga Regional Dental Clinic is a medical institution with more than 60 years of history. The regional dental clinic is an extended network of treatment and diagnostics offices with modern medical equipment supplied by leading global manufacturers: Chirana, Siemens, Bego, Performer, etc. The clinic provides services to residents of Kaluga, Kaluga Region and external patients.

111 Lenina St., Kaluga
Tel.: Registry: (484-2) 57—93—98, Reception: (484-2) 57—19—69 (fax)
Business hours: Monday – Friday: 07.30 - 19.00; Saturday: 08.30 - 15.00; Sunday – closed
I shift: 8.00 - 13.30, II shift: 14.00 - 19.00

Antonius Medvison Kaluga – Emergency Ambulance

Emergency medical aid for adults and children. Patient transportation in Kaluga and Kaluga Region, Russia and other countries. Consulting and hospitalization to clinics in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Germany. Family doctor. First aid training.

Office 1, 5 Baumana St., Kaluga, tel./fax: +7(4842)762-327
Administration e-mail:

Kaluga Regional Hospital (Kaluga Region State Budget-Funded Healthcare Institution)

This hospital is a regional multidisciplinary medical institution that offers medical assistance to adults at a day and night clinic with 1,100 beds in 26 disciplines and a consulting clinic in 23 disciplines. Each year institutional care is provided to more than 30,000 patients, more than 14,000 surgeries are performed; the consulting clinic handles more than 110,000 visits, makes around 550 ground and air calls to regional healthcare facilities for emergency assistance and consulting for the air medical service.

1 Vishnevskogo St., Kaluga, tel./fax (4842) 72-59-15, tel.: (4842) 72-56-40, Registry: 72-56-40, 22-19-92.

The clinic works on weekdays from 8.00 to 17.00.
Appointments can be made electronically at local clinics.

Closed on Saturday, Sunday.
Services to paying patients and contractual services are provided with consideration of assigned extra consulting hours of medical specialists, tel. 72-59-43.

Kaluga Regional Children’s Hospital (Kaluga Region State Budget-Funded Healthcare Institution)

Aim: multidisciplinary medical assistance to children aged 0 to 18.

Fields of medical assistance:

- hematology, oncology, neurology, nephrology, gastroenterology, endocrinology,  pulmonology, pediatrics, cardiology, traumatology, orthopedics, burns, surgery, urology, dentistry, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology – 24 hour in-patient clinic

- ophthalmology, dentistry, otorhinolaryngology – day clinic at the consulting and diagnostics center for children

- audiologist, geneticist, obstetrician-gynecologist consulting and diagnostics center for children

1 Vishnevskogo St., Kaluga, tel.: Hospital Administrator Reception: 59-10-16 (ext.2102)
Registry: 59-10-18 (ext.2273), Tel./fax (4842) 59-10-16
Emergency assistance – 24 hours.
Scheduled treatment on weekdays until 19.00

Clinical Hospital No.8 of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (Federal State Budget-Funded Healthcare Institution)

Clinical Hospital No.8 of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency is a multidisciplinary treatment and prevention institution that performs the principal functions of a regional healthcare agency by implementing a range of prevention, treatment and diagnostics, rehabilitation measures and ensuring sanitation-and-epidemiological wellbeing of the city’s residents. The treatment and prevention institution employs 407 doctors, including 11 candidates of medicine, 145 top category doctors, 64 first category doctors. 10 doctors hold honorary degrees “Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation” and “Honored Healthcare Professional”. The clinical hospital has 18 specialized departments and an outpatient clinical facility designed to accept 2,800 patients per shift, a modern diagnostics and treatment base, and successfully participates in the “Health” national priority project.

85 Lenina Ave., Obninsk. Tel.:  +7(48439) 6-85-85, tel./fax: +7 (48439) 6-41-66, +7 (48439) 6-17-05
Business hours: Monday - Thursday: 8.00 - 17.15;  Friday: 8.00 - 16.00; Saturday, Sunday: closed; Lunch break: 12:00 - 13:00
24 hour emergency assistance

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