There are 222 pre-school and 348 general education institutions in the region. The system of vocational education and training is represented by 32 institutions of elementary and secondary vocational education and training and by 12 higher education institutions.

Efforts are applied in the region to create resource centers for promising industries. 3 multi-function centers will provide vocational training by 2018. Dual education and formation system has been implemented in the Kaluga Region since 2010 jointly with Volkswagen Group Rus based on State Institution Kaluga College of Management and Information Technologies and Municipal Budgetary General Education Institution Kaluga Polytechnic College. Read more information about human resources.

Education and training system:

12 universities and colleges, among them:

  • K.Tsiolkovsky Kaluga State University
  • Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute, National Nuclear Sciences University, Institute for Atomic Power Engineering  
  • Kaluga Branch of N.Bauman Moscow State Technical University

32 institutions of elementary and secondary vocational education and training institutions, among them:

  • Kaluga Karpov Transport and Technology College
  • Obninsk Technology and Service College
  • Liudinovo Industrial College 
  • Governor’s Agrarian College
  • Car Industry Training Center
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Training Center


348 general education institutions, among them:

Kaluga Region's authorities pay much attention to creation of resource centers for promising industries of the regional economy. Such an approach helps make possible the training of highly qualified professionals using hi-tech equipment meeting all the requirements of modern industry. Such programs are implemented in close cooperation with leading companies of the region. For example, such a center for training/re-training of automotive industry personnel was established at Kaluga IT and Management College.

Information about labor force training system in Kaluga Region.

The regional education system uses the latest standards based on a practical approach to training (dual vocational education system). Such a system provides both theoretical knowledge (in the educational institutions future professionals get theoretical knowledge and basic practical skills) and hands-on experience (at production facilities). In 2015 the first group of students graduated from a program organized in cooperation with Volkswagen Group Rus OOO. In addition to the state diploma, they received certificates issued by Volkswagen and the Russian-German Foreign Trade Chamber.

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