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Kaluga Region is one of the most secure regions of Russia. The crime rate in the region went down by over 35% in the recent five years. The reason behind such a drastic improvement is the implementation of a number of regional law enforcement programs. Apart from that regional police gets more modern equipment.  

GLONASS navigation and monitoring system, integrated multi-server telecom system, automated road traffic control cameras, modern vehicles… All this equipment and more is used to make life in Kaluga Region more safe.

Emergency service (mobile numbers):
112 (free calls may be made from a blocked mobile device or a device without a SIM card).

Emergency services (extended list, various mobile network providers):

Fire brigade and emergency response service

Beeline: 001. Megafon, MTS, Utel, TELE2: 010. Motiv, SkyLink: 901


Megafon, MTS, Utel, TELE2: 020. Beeline: 002. Motiv, SkyLink: 902

ER (ambulance)

Beeline: 003. Megafon, MTS, Utel, TELE2: 030. Motiv, SkyLink: 903

Gas emergency service

Beeline: 004. Megafon, MTS, Utel, TELE2: 040. Motiv, SkyLink: 904

Municipal emergency services (stationary phone):

101 (01)- Fire brigade and emergency response service.
102 (02)- Police.
103 (03)- ER (ambulance).
104 (04)- Gas emergency service.

ER (ambulance) —  Antonius Medvision Kaluga,  amvk40.ru:
+7 (920) 872-44-44 — English (Medical Assistance 24/7) (24x7).

Kaluga Region Department of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation - official Web site

Kaluga Region Prosecutor Office – official Web site

Road Police operations desk — +7 (4842) 57-12-04   

Anti-bribe Agencies: