Real Estate Market

Kaluga Region ranks 3rd in the Central Federal District and 10th in the Russian Federation in terms of the volume of construction of residential buildings per 1000 people.

In 2020, 821 thousand square meters of housing were commissioned in the region. The commissioning of residential buildings in 2021 is carried out in all municipal districts and urban districts of the region.

To stimulate the drift of labor there is a number of programmes in the Region. In particular, there is the programme “Development of rental housing- housing for professionals” which is aimed for additional motivation of people to live and work in Kaluga Region. The programme involves the housing construction in the immediate vicinity of the industrial parks. This is comfortable housing for reasonable price. 

Production and Warehousing Facilities

Production facilities may be subdivided into four categories:

Class I - production and administrative facilities (a land plot and buildings) - typical of industrial parks;
Class II - production facilities (a land plot, main and auxiliary production facilities);
Class III - separate industrial buildings (premises) (administrative building, shop, warehouse, hangar, etc.);
Class IV - motor transport facilities (parking garages, parking lots, fueling stations, repair shops, etc.).

The vast majority of industrial and warehousing facilities are located in Kaluga suburbs (Malinniki, Terepets, Azarovo, Turynino, etc.).        

Currently Espro Group implements A-Park and V-Park projects. It utilizes a — built-to-suit concept, which is entirely new for Russia.

A-Park industrial park is located at a 26 ha land plot in Grabtsevo industrial area within the borders of Kaluga near the Volkswagen production facility. A-Park territory may be expanded to 200 ha. Kaluga Region Development Corporation, actively promoting the region's economic development is the project partner. The list of A-Park residents includes Visteon Corporation (a leading supplier of car interior, climate control systems, electronic and lighting systems)  and  Benteler Automobiltechnik (a leading auto component manufacturer).

V-Park industrial park is located at a 2.8 ha land plot near PSA Peugeot-Citroen and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation production facilities (and may also be expanded) at a 15-km distance from Kaluga.   

Faurecia Interior Systems, a vehicle interior components supplier applying JIT (Just-In-Time) production concept, is the first V-Park industrial park resident.

Trade and Officer Premises  

Trade facilities are divided into several classes and the rent depends on the class of  a specific facility.

There are four classes:

  • Class А - a facility with its own land plot (trade centers, trade and Entertainment centers, malls, hypermalls, megamalls);
  • Class В - separate stores (supermarkets, self-service supermarkets);
  • Class С - ground floors of residential or office buildings (food stores, consumer goods stores, drug stores);
  • Class D - building extensions, trade pavilions (small retail outlets selling food/goods to neighborhood residents).


Class A Trade Facilities include the most prestigious premises, which have the best quality of finishing, premium engineering systems, automated utility systems and modern design. Such facilities are easily accessible. They are located in the central streets and avenues, near public transport stations. They include new buildings with premium finishing and design with an area of over 30,000 sq.m. Such facilities have an underground or a multi-level ground parking lot with a roofed passage to the building. Such property owners (normally there is only one owner) strive to attract anchor lessees and have their own concept for the building positioning in the market.

There is no such property in Kaluga Region.

In terms of their quality Class B Trade Facilities do not differ much from the previous group. They include buildings with total areas of less than 30,000 sq. m. This group of property meets all the modern requirements, has all necessary utilities, but is a little bit less prestigious. These are the premises with improved finishing in excellent or good condition and offer convenient access.

The following facilities in Kaluga belong to this category:

Kaluga XXI Vek Trade and Entertainment Center

Location: 1 Kirova St.

Built in: March 2005

Kaluga XXI Vek multifunctional trade and entertainment center is the largest business, trade and entertainment facility in Kaluga. It was commissioned in March 2005. The building professionally designed by Colliers International combines a business center, a hotel, a supermarket, trade galleries, a food court, and an entertainment center.

The center is located in downtown Kaluga in a popular street with active motor traffic.


Moskovskiy  Trade and Office Center

Location: 3 Glagoleva St.

Built in: July 2011.

Original architectural solutions and modern finishing materials set Moskovskiy Trade and Office Center apart from other similar facilities in Kaluga.  


Evropeiskiy Trade and Office Center

Location: 39 Kirova St.

Built in: 2008

The center is located in downtown Kaluga in a popular street with active motor traffic.


Class C Trade Facilities are located in buildings commissioned over 20 years ago, as well as in refurbished or re-purposed buildings.

The following facilities in Kaluga belong to this category:


M-Grand Office Center

Location: 15 Kirova St.

The center is located in downtown Kaluga in a popular street with active motor traffic.


Moskovskiy Business Center

Location: 121 Suvorova St.

The building was constructed in the 1960s and refurbished in 2008.  

Moskovskiy Business Center is located in one of the central streets of Kaluga, Suvorova St. it is a modern 7-storied building, which was designed and equipped in compliance with all the requirements to modern business centers.


Favorit Trade and Office Center

Location: 36 Kirova St..


Detskiy Mir Trade Center

Location: 75/33, Kirova St.

The center is located in downtown Kaluga in a popular street with active motor traffic. 


Fenix Trade and Office Center

Location : 17 Dzerzhinskogo St..

Apart from that there are the following noteworthy trade outlets: Linia hypermarket, METRO Cash & Carry, Sun and Mart trade center, City trade center, Tornado trade center, Mayakovskiy trade center, K-Rauta hypermarket, etc.


Class D Trade Facilities - such outlets are located at a distance from the city center (in residential areas) away from main streets. Such trade facilities may be located in the former residential premises, the reconstruction of which require substantial investments. The vast majority of such stores has areas of  50-80 sq.m.

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