Two new modifications of the components of modern Pandora car alarms went into mass production at once: the RMD 5V autostart relay module and the innovative Pandora engine temperature sensor.

The products belong to the peripheral devices of the new generation and in the near future will become an excellent tool for installation on Russian-made cars.

The RMD 5V universal relay module has been updated to automatically start on new domestic cars that require more switching.

The architecture of the RMD 5V circuitry has been completely redesigned. The latest element base is used, including more reliable and powerful relays with dual normally open contacts.

The new miniature temperature sensor is a logical development of Pandora branded temperature sensors. The solution will soon be unified for the company's security systems.

A distinctive feature of the product is a world-record miniature design with a modern mounting hole and a flexible shape. This will allow you to conveniently install it under the engine valve cover bolts.

High-precision equipment is used for surface mounting of the product components. Now it is a fully automated and mechanized process that minimizes the influence of the human factor. Unlike traditional hand soldering, this method guarantees high quality and reliability of the product during the entire service life.

When creating a thermal sensor, the company for the first time applied the technology of applying components to an aluminum board. The aluminum base provides accelerated heat transfer, which improves sensor sensitivity and readings.

High technical and operational characteristics are confirmed by successful testing in the new production laboratory.


According to NPO Telemetry.


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